Welcome To The New York State Deaf Health Survey

Many thanks for taking your time to open this webpage about the New York State Deaf Health Survey (S-u-r-v-e-y signed as "Survey"). There are three points I want to discuss: Survey privacy, Why its important to take it, and who’s eligible. This survey is anonymous – that means, we do not ask your name or anything that will identify you. Your survey responses will not be tied to you. When results are analyzed and reported, they will be aggregated and reported as summary numbers or percentages of the population who took the survey. How will this survey impact you and your community? This benefits you and your community, to know about your community's health. We will learn more about others' health in different regions all around New York State too. NCDHR uses Community Participatory Research methods, which means involving Deaf community members in all steps of our research efforts. Of course, we will share the results with you all when the survey ends. This survey is for deaf or hard of hearing who are signers and adult age 18 or older. We have signing and text survey available. If you have some questions or concerns, you are always welcome to contact us, call us VP (585) 286-2776 or send us a message at ncdhr@urmc.rochester.edu. You may begin the survey by clicking blue button with “Take Survey.” Important, this survey webpage will take a minute or two to load. Thank you!